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Introducing SLEEPY DOLL, the perfect eco-conscious pal for your little one! This natural and safe toy is the perfect companion to inspire your baby to use their imagination and become the best friend they never knew they needed. Plus, parents can rest easy knowing they made an ethical choice. (Not to mention, the doll is super adorable!).

The SLEEPY DOLL is sure to be adored by your little one. Lovingly handcrafted from natural cotton fibers and stuffed with 100% organic, pure cotton fleece (no nasties)! Our SLEEPY DOLL is perfect for small world play & just the right size for little hands. Playing with dolls allows children to develop their social & emotional skills, such as empathy for others.

Size: Doll is approx 12cm long

Sleepy Doll's hat is sewn in place and not removable (for safety purposes).

Our non-gender Waldorf inspired dolls, have been designed with no facial features, to ignite your little ones imagination. Your child is able to use their own imagination to sense how the doll is “feeling”. Having no set facial expression, gives your child the opportunity to explore a range of emotions through their play. 

A collaboration between ProjectPlay and OakLeafNZ. Lovingly created by Julia from OakleafNZ in Hawke's Bay, NZ.

Please note: as these are bespoke, low volume and handmade, each and every Sleepy Doll is slighty different from the next (including colour shades). No two are identical.