Smooth, durable play set


MY WOODEN SET is just that, a set dedicated to our most popular wooden play pieces. All items are smooth and rounded, with most made out of organic beech wood. A great set on it's own, or a top up to your existing collection.

Your set items comes with detailed information on how to use your set and safe play information, wrapped in a branded cotton bag, so you can also take your treasures on-the-go! Perfect for play dates, visits with family and coffee dates. Your child will love their play set, as they are designed to grow with your child, making it a great heirloom investment.

  • Promotes independent play
  • Boost brain power, creativity and imagination
  • Backed by child development research
  • Tested and checked for safety and quality
  • NZ designed and developed by parents and trained Early Childhood teachers
  • Supported by the NZ Early Childhood curriculum
  • Easy to clean
  • Happiness guaranteed
  • Supports a sustainability lifestyle

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MY WOODEN SET contains:

  • 55mm & 70mm wooden ring 
  • Peg 
  • Star 
  • Egg 
  • Leaf 
  • Character 
  • Figurine 
  • Cross
  • Mouse ears
  • Cloud
  • Button

Please note: sometimes, due to availability, we could replace items in the above list, with other loose parts which are of similar size, shape & value.

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Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions around safe play