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 "Heuristic play is phenomenal for our tamariki, their development and learning. Thanks ProjectPlay for what you do!"

Tracey Taylor


"Such a wonderful little company that show such attention to great customer service ! We love our picnic set and will be purchasing many more treasures from here again ! Thankyou"

Courtney Munn


"Thanks again ProjectPlay, our tamariki love to explore with loose parts, they make a beautiful addition to our under two room"



"Thanks ProjectPlay, the children were very excited when the box arrived today. “Is it for you or us?”, super excitement by Mr16mths and Mr3 years, over the newspaper in the box. Miss3 was very excited by the “ sparkly bangles“. After leaving them to see what they would do, Mr3 gathered more loose parts and started playing. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again"



"Thank you ProjectPlay for our amazing new resources - These are perfect for home-based childcare and I look forward to seeing what you have available in the future"



 "The quality of the product as well as the variety"

Shamim Gorender


"This is a great place to source resources for young children"

Pieta Higgins


"The absolute best object for play!!"

Alexandria Frances Robb


"Fabulous ideas and tools for small mind’s creativity. Highly recommend"



 "This is the second lot of toys I've got off you and the kids are so excited.... Got them for our now 8 month old bub but miss 3.5 and Mr 6 are just as excited!"

Brylee Budd


 "Thanks so much Toby is currently running around with the Pom Pom"

Ellen White


"As an educator I love the variety of loose parts that my care children use in their play activities everyday. The children use their imagination when playing with them, a peg becomes a person or drum stick. A shaker used with music or as play food,.. So much fun being creative. and expressive"