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What is heuristic (hyoo-ris-tic) play?

Heuristic play is about supporting curiosity, wonder, imagination and free exploration. Our open ended, play items, allow children to select, explore, manipulate and compare items with each other. During their play, the child is engaged in their own learning while building their own opinions about what the object can or can't do. 

These type of open ended play items are often referred to as “Loose Parts”. Loose parts are materials that can be explored in multiple ways. They are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials.

It's the BEST way to engage and ignite children's imagination!

heuristic sets, eco friendly toys, wooden, natural, play items

Choose from our range of Heuristic Sets

Our bespoke heuristic sets are designed with children's learning and developmental needs in mind. All items are chosen to enhance: children's sensory development through sight, touch, sound and smell; develop fine motor skills; encourage eye tracking; promote curiosity & foster imagination

heuristic sets, eco friendly toys, wooden, natural, play items

Build Your Own Loose Parts Collection

Our collection of loose parts offers many options to: add to your collection of existing loose parts, buy in bulk for your ECE setting or create your own bespoke heuristic set -

Endless options for play! 


How does heuristic play benefit my child?