Best for young infants


Introducing MY FIRST PLAY SET, a safe and eco-conscious playset for young infants. We know parents want the best for their babies, and this playset is the perfect choice! Crafted from all natural materials, your little one can explore their senses –and you can explore your peace of mind. So come on and join the fun!

MY FIRST PLAY SET contains 8 play items which are chosen to specifically enhance: children's sensory development through sight, touch, sound and smell; develop fine motor skills; encourage eye tracking; promote curiosity; foster imagination and of course encourage PLAY! 

MY FIRST PLAY SET is designed with young infants in mind as they are drawn to the vast array of textures, reflective objects and black & white colours. Bold black & white objects stimulate the development of the optic nerves helping to develop the eye muscles and brain. A perfect start to your heuristic play journey! 

Parent win:

  • Promotes independent play (hello hot coffee!)
  • Boost brain power, creativity and imagination (#winning)
  • Backed by child development research (tick!)
  • Tested and checked for safety and quality (safety first!)
  • NZ designed and developed (nice!)
  • Supported by the NZ Early Childhood curriculum (good to know!)
  • Easy to clean (yay!)
  • Happiness guaranteed (ahh peace!)
  • Supports a sustainability lifestyle (gotta love that!)

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Your set items comes with information on how to use your set and safe play information, wrapped in a branded cotton bag for easy storage & convenience. Take your treasures on-the-go with you on play dates, visits with family, coffee dates & appointments.

Your child will love their play set, as it is designed to grow with your child, making it a great heirloom investment, baby shower gift, 1st birthday present, Christmas gift or just because!

 MY FIRST PLAY SET contains:

  • Wooden cross - easy to hold and grasp, interesting shape 
  • Scruffy disc - soft to touch, lightweight & monochrome colour
  • Bunny ring -  perfect for little hands learning to grasp. High contrast for young infant eye development
  • Polka dot scarf - great for playing peek-a-boo, silky texture and perfect for newborns as they are drawn to monochrome
  • Gold bowl - a lightweight & fascinating object for learning about reflection
  • Bamboo handle brush - easy to grip, great for stimulating the sense of touch by playing tickling games
  • Jar ring - lightweight, interesting texture, easy to grasp & makes a neat sound when banged against other items
  • Reflective sphere - an interesting items to look at reflections, encourage two handed object control, for rolling, and also great for in the bath!


"Not only are these open ended resources beautiful but the service Ange and Jono provide is incredible! I recieved a personal video of my order being packaged up ready to send off, I was blown away! My 9 month old spends alot if his day exploring all his goodies, can not recommend project play enough!" - Cat Hill

"Great product. My little guy loves to explore the different textures. Product arrived so quick. Love the video update when the product is packaged and again to check in how it is going. Fantastic customer service. Would 100% recommend ProjectPlay" - Charlotte W.


Please note: sometimes, due to availability, we could replace items in the above list, with other loose parts which are of similar size, shape & value.

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