fourteen random things you can do with a scarf

fourteen random things you can do with a scarf

fourteen random things you can do with a scarf


A simple scarf or playsilk is one of the most versitle toys that children will be drawn to time & time again. A scarf or playsilk can many many different things which makes this an ideal open-ended toy, allowing children to express themselves through their imagination. And because a they are limitless, they grow with your child and last years and years of play.

For example, an infant loves to explore the silky texture and play peek-a-boo, while toddlers love to dress up or dance with them!


Wait...what are open-ended toys?

They are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials. You'll find our loose parts collection offers many different objects, of all shapes, sizes and textures to excite and spark children's imagination and sensory learning.

The simpler the “toy”, the greater the learning opportunities! A simple wooden button can become a piece of cake, a biscuit, a plate, a lily pad, a wheel, a seat. Just like a scarf can be used in multiple ways, the options really are endless!


Here are our top FOURTEEN favourite ways to play with a scarf:

𝟭 - Play dress ups
𝟮 - Use as a blanket for a doll
𝟯 - Tie it onto a wooden ring & have a boogie
𝟰 - Hang it from a tree and watch it move in the breeze (babies love this!)
𝟱 - Use it a table cloth
𝟲 - Play peek-a-boo
𝟳 - Pop it in your heuristic basket
𝟴 - Place it inside an object and let you little one pull it out
𝟵 - Make a parachute for a toy
𝟭𝟬 - Pretend to use it as a dusting cloth
𝟭𝟭 - Tie it onto something with wheels and turn it into a pull along toy
𝟭𝟮 - Dunk it in water and make patterns flicking water on the concrete/fence
𝟭𝟯 - Use it a tea towel in a play kitchen
𝟭𝟰 - Create a curtain in a hut or box


Where can I get a scarf or playsilk from?

Scarves can be found almost everywhere, but the best ones are the silky square shaped ones. You might pay a pay a visit to your local op-shop, or check our our collection. We've got you covered with our sets of rainbow and ombre organza scarves, black & white scarves and playsilks

Happy Playing! xx


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