Playing with rocks

8 boredom busters with rocks

8 boredom busters with rocks

Rocks may seem like boring, dull objects, but don’t let this fool you! Rocks are in fact extremely versatile, are a great way to connect with nature and offer endless opportunities for play! All it takes is a little thinking outside the box…

And the best part of all? They are found almost everywhere, come in many different shapes, sizes & colours and are FREE! Here are some simple ideas for playing with rocks:


  1. Story stones/rocks – Simply pop some stickers (animals, plants, objects) on a selection of stones, and cover them in a coating of PVA glue (you buy this from your local $2 shop). Place stones in a basket beside a selection of books, and let your child take the lead to create their own unique stories. You could even take turns to tell parts of the story and what happens next. A great rainy-day activity to foster storytelling and wonder.


  1. Posting - Grab an old box (or a formula tin works well), cut some different sized shapes into it. Role model what to do by posting the rocks into the different shaped holes. Sit back and watch your child do the same. This activity promotes critical thinking, develops hand/eye co-ordination and teaches children about size & shape. When you are finished, pop your box away for another day or place on a nearby shelf to use again.


  1. The floor is lava! – Create a long curved line out of rocks, spaced wide enough so a child can step onto them. The challenge here is to walk across the rocks without falling into the “lava”. This is a great way to promote active movement, develop balance and concentration skills.


  1. Rock hunt – Just like an Easter Egg hunt but with rocks!


  1. Water painting – Grab a paint brush, a glass of water and some rocks. Painting on rocks brings out their natural beauty and colours and is a great (non-messy) calming activity to do. Perfect when you need to get dinner on or winding down before bed


  1. Playdough – Forget the fancy tools & highly coloured shape cutters, just add rocks! You’ll be amazed at what your child can create. Add some sticks & leaves for added fun!


  1. Rock building – Do you have a book on different types of buildings? Place this book on the floor or table (open with a picture of a building) and grab your rocks. Can your child re-create the building using their rocks? Will they build it by stacking the rocks? Or will they create it laying them flat?


  1. Rock painting – A few years ago this was a big craze but believe or not, it is still a “thing”. Painting rocks & hiding them in local places for other children to find is still very much a fun & rewarding activity. It gets your child’s being creative, connected to their community and gives them a sense of pride knowing another child will be delighted to find their rocks. A simple search in Facebook and you’ll find your local rock hunting groups.


So, there you have it, 8 reasons to play with rocks this summer. And don’t forget, if you don’t have time to collect your own rocks, or simply want some different ones, or even ones made out of wood, be sure to check out our Earth Rock Tinker Tray and Large Wooden Rocks

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