Rain or Shine, the Magic of Outdoor Play for Children

Rain or Shine, the Magic of Outdoor Play for Children

Rain or Shine, the Magic of Outdoor Play for Children


Our latest guest blogger, Alana from Mud Mates, shares her thoughts on the importance of ourdoor play, especially in winter!!


Hey there, adventurous parents! We know you're always looking for ways to make your child's early years magical and memorable. Well, guess what? The secret to unlocking a world of learning and endless fun is right at your doorstep – let your little ones dive into the adventure of outdoor play. 

Outdoor play can take place in various settings, from your own backyard to parks and playgrounds, to natural spaces like the beach or forest. School and early childhood playgrounds offer more opportunities, featuring open spaces, equipment, and even natural elements. 



  • Outdoor play is highly beneficial for children, providing an opportunity to learn skills that, as adults, we take for granted. 
  • Outdoor play encourages exploration, adventures, and games in natural surroundings, fostering self-confidence. 
  • Having plenty of space outdoors allows for physical activities like running, jumping, and throwing, enhancing fitness and physical development. 
  • Outdoor time may reduce the risk of short-sightedness and boost vitamin D levels with safe sun exposure. 
  • Natural environments encourage mindfulness, reduce anxiety, and aid relaxation, promoting mental well-being. 
  • Outdoor play is linked to better physical health, bone strength, and metabolism, while the lack of outdoor play can contribute to depression and obesity. 
  • Learning is enriched outdoors with fewer distractions, more choices, and engaging activities, leading to improved cognitive skills and academic success. 
  • Outdoor play encourages social and emotional growth by enabling kids to make choices, build confidence and learn cooperation, conflict resolution, empathy and how their actions impact others.  

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the mess, welcome the adventure, and revel in the beauty of outdoor play. Even in winter, there's no excuse to stay inside! The world outside is waiting to inspire, educate, and bring your child's imagination to life. Just make sure your child is dressed appropriately and they can still get outdoors, explore, learn, and have fun! 


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And just because it's raining doesn't mean the day should be boring!  

Mud Mates has 25 BOREDOM BUSTING outdoor rainy-play ideas that’ll have your kids squealing with delight. Grab a copy of Mud Mates’ free A4 printable ‘25 Best Things to do in the Rain’ here

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