Let us pick the parts


Treat your kids to something special - the MY LUCKY DIP SET! We take the guesswork out of putting together the perfect playtime combination that's as unique as they are. Parents can rest assured knowing our sets are eco-conscious, made of natural materials and safe enough to spark little imaginations. So go ahead, dip into the fun!

Our “Lucky Dip Set” contains 10 handpicked play items from our loose parts range. These items are chosen to specifically enhance: children's sensory development through sight, touch, sound and smell; develop fine motor skills; encourage eye tracking; promote curiosity; foster imagination and of course encourage PLAY!  

We ensure each set contains a range of different textures and shapes, to really get the sensors firing & boost brain power! Let us take the hassle out of choosing your own and receive your own hand selected set, just for you!

  • Promotes independent play
  • Boost brain power, creativity and imagination
  • Backed by child development research
  • Tested and checked for safety and quality
  • NZ designed and developed by parents and trained Early Childhood teachers
  • Supported by the NZ Early Childhood curriculum
  • Easy to clean
  • Happiness guaranteed
  • Supports a sustainability lifestyle

Want to learn more about the benefits of HEURISTIC PLAY and LOOSE PARTS? Click here!

Your set items comes with detailed information on how to use your set and safe play information, wrapped in a branded cotton bag, so you can also take your treasures on-the-go! Perfect for play dates, visits with family and coffee dates. Your child will love their play set, as they are designed to grow with your child, making it a great heirloom investment.

This set makes the perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas or just because! Give the gift of PLAY!

 Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions around safe play.

*items will vary from those pictured.